Your guide to bringing your Horses

Step-by-Step guide to bringing your horse to Newton Stud

Mares are welcome to come to Newton Stud on livery for all reproduction work. The reproduction specialist is resident on site at the stud throughout the season, and chilled and frozen semen options are available. In order to stay on site at Newton Stud, your mare will need some health tests prior to her arrival:

  1. Create an account on the website via the link Account. Make sure you fill out all details pertaining to both you and your horse.
  2. Download, read and sign the forms attached below or found at Downloads. Once these are filled out, please make sure to upload them to your account so that the staff can access them.
  3. Make sure the following tests are performed on your horses. the tests required are: 
    • Clear blood test for Strangles (and EIA if she has been in Europe) within 10 days of her arrival.
    • CEM swab (PCR is faster than culture) This is valid for the whole season
    • Must be vaccinated against herpes (had at least the first course of vaccination, TWO JABS) OR must have a clear nasopharyngeal swab, within 10 days of her arrival.
    • Up to date Flu and Tetanus vaccinations

The official results of all health tests MUST be sent to Newton Stud or uploaded to your account PRIOR to the mare arriving. If no results have been received by the stud when the mare arrives, she will not be unloaded and will be sent back if the results cannot be provided.